Field Intelligence for Sustainable Innovation

Co-constructing knowledge for transferable and context-adaptive sustainable products, services and systems

Within the Research Development and Innovation (RDI) domain there are several instruments to support public, private and citizens initiatives. In our contemporary knowledge era, RDI support service offer is plural, often complex and rarely integrating multi-sectoral view facilitating collaborations and RDI effort optimisation.

FI4SI in that context offers knowledge intensive support services by capturing best practices and related methods and tools for PPP (Public Private Partnership including citizens Participation) in sustainable RDI activities.

As an association, FI4SI fosters the reproduction of RDI incentives across areas and sectors and from a local to a global perspective. Three core missions of FI4SI are the following:

  • Organise convergence workshops across domains to co-generate shareable and sustainable RDI activities by cross-fertilizing knowledge/ideas among communities and localities.
  • Capitalise field experiences to promote the combination of inventions, technologies and practices across domains.
  • Support communities and localities to co-create RDI insights aligned to their sustainability strategies.